Trane XR14
Trane XR14

If you’re looking for the best HVAC system available on the market, you’ll never go wrong by choosing a model manufactured by Trane. Today, Trane is continually expanding by offering cutting-edge heating and cooling systems all over the world. Through industry and consumer collaborations, Trane develops state-of-the-art HVAC technologies that can solve one of the world’s most demanding issues regarding home comfort, health and safety.

Benefits of Trane XR14

Whether you need an air conditioner to cool your apartment, your home or a multiple room office, it is imperative to find the right AC system that suits your needs perfectly. The reputation Trane has in the HVAC industry is unparalleled. Trane offers the XR14 Air Conditioner line as their budget option for numerous applications.

Trane XR14 Air Conditioner System is one of the most energy efficient and durable AC units on the market in its category and price. The increased energy efficiency of this AC unit might significantly reduce your home cooling bills. Moreover, Trane XR14 model has a SEER rating up to 16 which makes it a wonderful option for home comfort and for earning energy-efficiency tax credits. Also Trane products are known for their unrivaled construction durability, because materials for all components for AC units are meticulously tested to ensure long-lasting performance and reliability.

Why Choose Us

NewAcShop provides a wide variety of Trane models and it is our job to ensure you have access to the highest-quality AC systems (and most important unit parts like blower motors, heat exchangers, etc.) for your residential or commercial needs.  We combine our use of premier quality parts and equipment, and our dedication to providing top quality service in order to ensure that each client receives the very best service.  If you are unsure of your AC choice, our NewAcShop team can help you decide on an option that will work best for you. Contact our team to get started today.