Why is your price so low?
How long it will take to install AC?
How fast can I get my new AC to be installed?
How can I do a warranty registration for new AC units?
Do I need to make any prepayments?
Do I need to schedule on-site inspection with your specialist before installation day?
Are there any hidden fee?
Does my new AC unit come with a warranty?
How can I pay for your service?
How can I be sure that your installation was made in proper way and according to mechanical code?
If I choose AC system and request its service, does it mean that I need to install it by myself?
Does a new AC installation provide a balance of duct air??
Will you check my existing ducts?
If my current AC has a refrigerant leak, has have been fixed?
What are the materials that go with the kit??
Does my new equipment include a new thermostat?