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Choose an outside (condenser/heat-pump) unit location?

Choose a condenser (outside) unit location to make sure that we can replaced it without extra help like auto crane.


This is a ground location of condenser unit. If your unit located like this, it means a ground location. Most common location for houses in Texas.

Roof / balcony

If you are living in multiple floor house or townhome probably your condenser unit located on the roof or balcony. Make sure before ordering our service.

Supply air vents location (Airflow direction)?

On walls / ceilings

We require this information for better understanding of your existing system. If your house has ceilings or walls vents location, you probably having horizontal or upflow AC system.

In floorings

If your air vents installed in floorings, this is good sign of downflow system.

Choose a Type of Heat source?

We need to know what type of fuel use your heating system. Not sure, watch our learning video. Still not sure, call us!

Natural gas

Furnace uses natural gas for heating your house.


Heat-pump systems and straight cool systems using electricity as heating source.


Oil or propane gas and geothermal source.

For electric heating systems there are two options:


If your existing system is heat pump or you want to upgrade your electric heating for more efficient one.

Electric heating elements

Your heating system will stay as it was before using electric heat strips for heating.

Show me all options

Compare cost and make a choice.

Choose an air handler (indoor) unit location?

Only for Electric heating systems.


This type of unit is usual for apartments, duplex houses townhomes. Usually located in bathrooms, closets, halls.

Attic / closet / garage

If your furnace/air-handler installed in the closet or garage, you own upflow system where heating unit having vertical position and cooling unit (evaporator coil) located above. Horizontal configurations refer to almost all systems located in the attic. Where all units collected in flat position. Location of supply air grills for upflow/horizontal systems common on the walls and ceilings.

What is cooling capacity (tonnage) of existing AC system?

It’s important that you have the right size AC unit for your home. In order to determine what size unit you currently have, look at the data plate on the outdoor condensing unit and locate the model number, not the serial number. You’re looking for 3 digits in the model number that match the numbers below to indicate the tonnage, or btu, of the unit. For example, if you see the number 048, this indicates that you have a 4 ton or 48,000 btu air conditioner. If the unit you have now is the correct size for your home, replace it with the same size.