Since its establishment over 100 years ago, Trane has been manufacturing premier quality HVAC systems. Today, Trane is a world known brand that specialises in designing and building durable heating and cooling units for residential and commercial purposes, including split air conditioning systems that are ideal for both modern and older buildings.

Why Trane Split AC Systems?

Home and business owners have a quite basic expectation from a HVAC system –  year-round comfort. Most of us spend the majority of the time in our homes in the living room or the bedroom, meaning that with central heating you are paying to heat and cool the rooms where you may not even need it. With the Trane Split Air Conditioner system, you can choose to heat or cool only certain rooms, therefore reducing energy use substantially. Minimizing cooling and heating exposure has proven to be significantly money saving in the long run. Isn’t it a win-win situation to save money and get the comfort you deserve all at the same time? With Trane Split AC units installed, you can make it happen. Trane split AC systems offer the perfect combination of energy-efficient comfort and design flexibility that’s easy to maintain.

Trane Split AC Units Installation

Naturally, you want to hire an experienced contractor for your Trane split air conditioner installation. Our NewACShop team provides professional Trane split AC system installation, repair and maintenance services in Addison, TX and the surrounding areas. It is crucial to install the unit correctly to ensure you can enjoy all of the benefits of the system. Our skilled and licensed technicians will make sure your installation is done quickly and expertly. Our team can also walk you through the cost, installation process and other points of your air conditioning options to help you to find the system that suits your needs perfectly. Contact us to schedule Trane split AC system installation today.