Trane is a world leader in HVAC systems, services and solutions. Trane is also known to be America’s most trusted heating and cooling brand, they live up to this reputation by manufacturing reliable, high quality and advanced HVAC models. Trane helps clients succeed by producing innovative solutions that optimize indoor environments through a broad selection of energy-efficient HVAC systems.

Why Trane Ductless Systems?

Create a comfortable environment anywhere. Trane ductless systems allow you to install temperature control solutions where ductwork doesn’t exist. Trane ductless systems offer a comprehensive variety of indoor and outdoor units to meet the heating and cooling needs of various residential and commercial buildings. No matter the building type or capacity requirements, Trane ductless products provide precise temperature control, smaller carbon footprint, greater flexibility and outstanding energy efficiency, making them the best choice for your specific HVAC needs. A single-zone or a mini-split ductless unit allows you to control the temperature of the room by connecting an outdoor unit to an indoor unit, with no ductwork needed. Ideal for both modern and older buildings of all shapes, sizes and uses, Trane ductless units deliver complete zone control to heat and cool exactly where it is needed.

Professional Trane Ductless Units Installation

Perfect temperature control doesn’t need to be overwhelming  or compromise the aesthetics of your home. Compact, quiet, and combining both heating and cooling, these versatile Trane ductless units are available in a wide array of sizes, styles, and configurations to meet your needs and your budget. NewACShop provides straightforward, cost-effective comfort solutions in Addison, TX and the surrounding areas. Our qualified and well-trained team of licensed technicians can help you choose and install the best Trane ductless option to achieve your goals. NewACShop offers a full range of heating and cooling services. Our specialists are well-versed in the installation, repair and maintenance of Trane ductless systems, including 24/7 Emergency Assistance. Contact us to schedule Trane ductless system installation today.