Trane has been a leading company for over 100 years, specializing in cooling and heating systems. Trane air conditioners are like the Cadillac of AC units,  because they are one of the most durable models in the industry. Trane is considered a high end air conditioning company and satisfied customers across the country can attest to the premier quality engineered into every unit. Trane equipment is built to last.

Choosing the Right Unit

With such a diverse variety of choices available, the process of choosing a new system is often overwhelming for many homeowners. When you turn to HVAC professionals at NewACShop, we can help you select the best fitting option that suits your needs and budget. Main factors that are taken into account when choosing the best suitable AC unit for your home are climate, region and your home’s construction. We consider a lot of factors from the size of your home to the placement of windows so that we can provide an efficient and reliable HVAC unit that will provide you with indoor comfort for years to come. But there’s more to take into consideration than square footage or the number of rooms or stories in your home. 

Trane 2.5 Ton AC Unit Installation

Just like most other comparable top air conditioner brands, Trane systems only function efficiently when installed properly. Our technicians at NewACShop have gained years of experience in air conditioning service and installation. We have extensive industry knowledge and competency that guarantees your installation will be done right the first time. Our company is committed to excellence, that’s why we make sure that our craftsmen stay up to date on the latest breakthroughs and practices in our industry. After your installation is completed, you will have peace of mind knowing that your new Trane AC system is performing as safely and efficiently as possible.

The right unit and proper installation are crucial to taking advantage of all your AC’s features. Hire a professional team to install your AC unit. Contact us to get started today.