CHAMPION / FirstCo 1.5 Ton AC / Ceiling AHU 14 SEER

$4,267.00 Complete system with installation (TAX included)

Pay after installation


An affordable solution with single stage cooling and electric strips for heating

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Air Conditioner CHAMPION TC4B1822S – TC4 series 14 SEER
– High efficiency microchannel coil
– Compact Footprint
– Appliance Quality Powdercoat Finish
– Ball bearing motor
– Minimal vibration noise

Ceiling Air Handler Unit FirstCo 19HX5 – HX series Ceiling Fan Coil
– Uncased
– All aluminum coil
– Electric heater


Communicating thermostat is not required. Can be used existing one if it fits to a new system requirement.

Warranty on equipment/works – according to manufacturer’s/contractor’s term and conditions.

Champion Extended Limited Warranty:
– 10 years on coil and functional parts
– 10 years on compressor

FirsCo Limited Warranty – 1 year
Warranty on installation works – 12 month

All necessary materials that must be replaced to keep your new AC system running efficiently and safety and to pass a city inspection

Service works:
– City Permit

Professional installation works in accordance with mechanical city code:
– Remove and recycle existing equipment, cleanup site when finished
– Customer flooring protected with drop clothes
– Existing refrigerant recovered and recycled in accordance with the clean air act
– Installation of new system units
– Exterior section of refrigerant line insulation replaced with exterior-grade pipe insulation
– Copper refrigerant lines vacuumed and filter drier installed to prevent moisture damage
– Connecting to existing ductwork
– all necessary connection to existing communication lines (electricity, gas and flue pipe)
– Thermostat wiring connection
– Condensate line connection to existing drainage with proper P-trap and cleaning access
– All seams between equipment, platform and ductwork sealed airtight
– Adjust refrigerant charge and blower speed to provide optimal performance