It’s crucial to take care of your Air Conditioning system to ensure it lasts longer, works better, and keeps your energy bills adequate. AC maintenance will guarantee an efficient and reliable performance of the unit that will serve you for years to come. That’s why, if the conditioned air isn’t cold enough or is humid, then you should schedule air conditioner maintenance service. Luckily, NewAcShop is always happy to help! We have been bringing professional residential and commercial Air Conditioner maintenance Services for years throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  

Why is AC Maintenance Important?

Unlike other home appliances, like TV or microwave, problems with operation of your AC unit accumulate gradually and are not that obvious. Over time your air conditioner will begin to show signs of age and wear. Dust, debris, and other allergens will choke up the unit that will deteriorate efficiency and the air quality of your home. Some components eventually will wear down, and you’ll find yourself facing serious repair issues. 

But it could be prevented if you pursue routine air conditioner maintenance! This is why a significant part of maintaining your Trane or Champion AC system is scheduling an annual maintenance, preferably before the cooling season begins, to ensure it is in tip-top condition. Our technicians at NewAcShop will make sure your AC unit is working as efficiently as possible, as well as address smaller problems that could potentially escalate into bigger problems and sudden, costly breakdowns.

Why Choose Us

Our air conditioner maintenance service includes a tune-up of your AC unit, with a meticulous inspection and cleaning, so that we can identify potential issues and eliminate them. Keep your air conditioner running like new by scheduling air conditioner maintenance with NewAcShop. If you have any questions concerning your AC system, do not hesitate to contact our team, we will be happy to help you.

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